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Dengue fever is an infection caused by dengue viruses, of which there are four different serotypes known to infect humans. Serotype refers to groups of microorganisms that are extremely closely related, but can be distinguished by having slightly different antigens (a foreign substance which causes the body to produce antibodies) or causing the body to produce slightly different antibodies.


  • Muscle pain
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Headache (Very frequently)
  • Loss of appetite
  • High fever triggering often and no antibiotic works
  • Pain behind eyes
  • Exhaustion
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen glands
  • Sudden weight loss

Dengue Fever Transmission:

In India, the dengue virus is transmitted by a mosquito bite. It is commonly noted as the female mosquito transmits the dengue virus. This mosquito bites usually in daytime. Usually found closed and open areas. Other mosquito species can transmit the virus.

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes breed in open and closed areas, basically in wet places and rarely fly more than 200 meters from the breeding site. They do not breed in creeks, swamps, pools or other bodies of water.

Human beings are the most amplifying source for transmitting the virus. Dengue virus circulating in the blood of viraemic humans is ingested by female mosquitoes during feeding. The virus then infects the mosquito mid-gut and subsequently spreads systemically over a period of eight to twelve days. After this extrinsic incubation period, the virus can be transmitted to other humans during subsequent probing or feeding.

Prevention Of Dengue:

  • Exclusion from childcare, preschool, school or work is usually not necessary but people experiencing fever from dengue infection should not be in an environment where they may be bitten by mosquitoes. If this is not possible they should stay at home until they have no fever and are therefore no longer infectious (usually 3 to 5 days).
  • There is no vaccine to prevent human infection by this virus.
    Personal protection and the environmental management of mosquitoes are important in preventing illness.
  • Prevent access of mosquitoes to an infected person with a fever.
    Protect yourself from mosquito bites at all times in dengue areas.