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Large Vessel Vasculitis:

Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA):

Most common systemic vasculitis with the lifetime risk of 1% in women and half percent in men .

Clinical Features of ANCA Vasculitis:

Additional considerations in ANCA-associated vasculitis:

  • The RAVE trial showed similar outcomes between cyclophosphamide and rituximab in nonintubated patients with serum creatinine less than 4. Lowerquality data support use of rituximab without the above exclusions.
  • MAINRITSAN trial and its long-term follow-up study showed rituximab superiority to azathioprine in maintenance of remission and improved longterm survival.
  • Plasma exchange is commonly used in life-threatening scenarios, however the evidence for its use is not very robust. There is higher-quality evidence for renal disease than the pulmonary hemorrhage. Ongoing trial should provide more guidance soon.